Enrollment Services

Enrollment Services consists of the following:

Analytic Studies & Institutional Research (ASIR)

The Office provides analysis, institutional research and management information that supports and strengthens the operations, decision-making and planning processes of SDSU. Considered a campus-wide resource, the Office also delivers analytical support and consultative service for administrative and academic units.

Office of Admissions

Communicates with prospective and new applicants to SDSU, serves as the point of contact for campus tours, conducts presentations and visits to high schools and community colleges, and hosts events for prospective students. Offers information for freshman, transfer, graduate, out-of-state, international, and veteran students, as well as parents and counselors.

Office of Advising and Evaluations

Advises undergraduate students regarding General Education, graduation requirements, choices of majors, and official degree and graduation evaluations.

Office of the Registrar

Serves current students, faculty, alumni and community members concerning academic records, grades, transcripts and registration.

The Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center

Serves as the hub for all student veteran support services on campus, including all aspects of the veteran benefit programs for SDSU's undergraduate and graduate veterans, active duty military, reservists and dependents.

Class Schedule

Allows students to search by course titles, section and schedule numbers, units, days and times, locations, instructors and the numbers of open seats.


Develops SDSU's curricula for liberal arts and sciences, applied arts and sciences, professional studies, and preprofessional and nondegree studies.

Enrollment Services Information Technology (ESIT) and Web Systems Group

Provides technical services for Enrollment Services and their extended operations. Services include technical consulting, project management, third-party software development, domain network (ESAD) operation, server administration, database management, Web site operation, and desktop support.

Enrollment Services Communications

Coordinates print and digital publications for all Enrollment Services offices. Sends all e-mail messages to current and prospective students. Submit a student e-mail or WebPortal message request using the student message request form. Request Web site updates by sending an e-mail to Enrollment Services Communications.