Study Abroad

San Diego State University offers over 360 study abroad programs in more than 55 countries. SDSU consistently ranks in the top tier of universities nationwide for number of students participating in international programs.

Students from numerous academic majors and minors study abroad each year to gain valuable international experience and marketable skills that are essential after graduation. It is often an adventure full of rewards and challenges, which students testify changed their life and provided them with a new perspective.

Students can pay SDSU tuition and fees, receive resident credit, and use their financial aid while abroad. Various scholarships are also available making study abroad both affordable and feasible. Programs range in duration from an academic year to a single semester to a few weeks in the summer or winter breaks. In addition to traditional classroom study, students can complete internships, field study and volunteer projects abroad.

Experience the World from Campus

SDSU is a truly global university with an International Student Center that serves as a hub for students from around the world pursuing an education at SDSU, and for SDSU students seeking educational opportunities in other countries. These incoming and outgoing students share their multiculturalism inside and outside of the classroom. SDSU currently enrolls over 1,800 international students as degree-seeking and 225 students on SDSU bilateral exchange programs representing over 95 countries.