Step 3—Accept Offer of Admission and Complete Housing License Agreement

Officially accept your offer of admission by submitting both the required online Intent to Enroll $400 nonrefundable deposit and Housing License Agreement by the deadline indicated in your SDSU WebPortal. If both the Intent to Enroll and Housing License Agreement are not submitted by the deadline, it will be assumed that you do not plan to attend SDSU and your offer of admission will be canceled.

  • Submit Intent to Enroll (Required)

    All admitted students must submit the online Intent to Enroll $400 nonrefundable deposit by the deadline in their SDSU WebPortal to guarantee your space in the incoming freshmen class. Your Intent to Enroll deposit will be applied toward your first payment of basic tuition and fees.

    Information for Government Sponsored Students

    Government sponsored students must accept their offer of admission in the SDSU WebPortal. The Intent to Enroll fee will be deferred for government sponsored students who provide a Prospective Financial Support Letter from their country’s Cultural Mission as their supporting financial document, an SDSU Financial Statement Form, and a copy of passport. In addition, accepting the offer of admission also requires government sponsored students to submit a Housing License Agreement, which is a legally binding contract between the student and the University.

  • Activate your SDSUid

    Within 48 hours of submitting your Intent to Enroll, you will receive an email from the Library Computing Hub Help Desk (The Hub) with instructions on how to activate your SDSUid account. Complete the steps in the email to activate your account.

    It is very important that you complete this step. You will use your SDSUid to log in to multiple systems at SDSU, which are used for business and academic purposes.

    What is the Difference Between SDSUid and RedID?

    SDSUid is an online account, which looks like an email address (e.g. Activate your account at

    RedID is a nine digit number beginning with an 8. You used your RedID to log in to the SDSU WebPortal to view your application status check.

    Once you submit your Intent to Enroll, you will use your SDSUid account to log in to many online SDSU systems, including the SDSU WebPortal.

  • Submit Housing License Agreement (Required)

    All admitted international first-time freshmen from outside SDSU's local admission area are required to live on campus for their first two years. Students are required to submit the Housing License Agreement and a $375 USD non-refundable initial housing payment by the deadline indicated in the SDSU WebPortal. You will use your SDSUid to submit your housing license agreement.

    The Housing website provides detailed on-campus housing information. Please visit the website for more information regarding the housing application process, living communities, meal plans, costs and payment options.