Step 8—Register for Classes via WebPortal

Your international student visa requires you to enroll as a full-time student every semester. Undergraduate students must take a minimum of 12 units per semester to meet legal and immigration requirements. Courses in Extended Studies or Open University do not count toward full-time status.  

Do not wait until you arrive on campus to register for classes. We recommend that you plan your schedule in advance so that on the date and time of your registration you can register for your classes.  

  1. Review the Registration Demonstration on the SDSU website.
  2. Use MyMAP as a guide to understand what classes to choose and how to complete your degree requirements in four years.
  3. Create a “WishList” in your WebPortal and register for your classes on your registration date and time. Class schedules for the upcoming semester can be found at Freshmen take courses in a variety of disciplines in order to meet SDSU graduation requirements. Course descriptions are listed in the General Catalog.   

The Office of Advising and Evaluations provides general academic advising for enrolled undergraduate students.

Important Information about course selection: 

  1. A pre-requisite is a pre-condition or qualification that must be met in order to register for the class. For example, in order to enroll in English 100 which meets the GE Composition requirement, you must show a copy of your qualifying English Placement Test score or credit from Rhetoric and Writing Studies 92A or 92B or 97.

    **Unless you are exempt from the English Placement Test or your EPT results indicated otherwise, you will need to enroll in RWS 94. 
  2. Courses numbered 100-200: The most basic level of coursework also referred to as lower division courses.  No pre-requisites are required. These courses are generally taken by first year (freshmen) and second year (sophomore) undergraduates. Examples: HIST 116 or SPAN 212

    Courses numbered 300-500: Usually taken by third year (junior) and fourth year (senior) and sometimes graduate (master’s level) students.  These are considered “upper division” courses and generally require completion of pre-requisites.  
    Example: SPAN 302 – students must have completed SPAN 202 and SPAN 212 in order to enroll.

    Courses numbered 600-799: These classes are open only to graduate students, that is, students who have completed the equivalent of a bachelor's degree. 
  3. Please refer to the academic calendar for add, drop and registration deadlines.