Fall 2016 International Transfer Applicants

Application Status

The SDSU student WebPortal is used to keep applicants informed of the status of their application.

Steps to Check your application status:
  1. Log into your WebPortal and click on "Admission Status."
  2. Under "Documents Required for Admission," the deadline to submit the required documents is listed in each section.
  3. A green checkmark ("") indicates the required document has been received. Your application will be complete when all check marks are green.
  4. A red "X" ("") indicates a document is missing, or a requirement is not completed.
What does my application status mean?

Pending Application File - A specific document or test score is missing or has been submitted in an unofficial format. A pending application status indicates further action is required.

Document Processing Time - SDSU recommends that all documents are submitted to the university using a guaranteed delivery service, such as Federal Express or DHL, which allows the applicant to confirm document delivery.

During peak application periods allow up to three weeks for processing AFTER documents have been delivered to SDSU. The status of documents and test scores will be updated in your student WebPortal AFTER they are evaluated by the Office of Admissions.

Contacting SDSU

For questions regarding the status of a pending application, contact International Admissions at with your full name and RedID number.

Note: Information from SDSU will be communicated via email. All applicants must have a current email account. It is recommended that you check for emails regularly.

For technical assistance with your WebPortal account, please contact the Office of the Registrar.