Fall 2018 Transfer Applicants:
Supplemental Application

The supplemental application is a requirement for all upper-division transfer, upper-division readmission applicants, and those seeking a second bachelor's degree in nursing.

The supplemental application is available in your SDSU WebPortal account. It is used to gather essential information necessary for admission decisions. Therefore, it is required. Your admission is based on the information provided on both the Cal State Apply and supplemental applications. Do not neglect this very important step!

If you are admitted, your admission is provisional pending verification of the self-reported information on your Cal State Apply and supplemental applications using your official transcript(s). Admission may be rescinded if your GPA, test scores or course grades are lower than what you reported on the application, or if you miss any admission deadlines. To ensure accuracy, refer to your college transcripts or education plan.

Supplemental Application Timeline

Within two weeks of submitting your Cal State Apply application to San Diego State University, SDSU will send you an email with your RedID information. You will use your RedID to activate your SDSU WebPortal account. After you successfully activate your WebPortal account, you will have access to your Admission Status menu option.

In January 2018, SDSU will send you another email inviting you to begin the process of completing your SDSU Transfer Supplemental Application, which will be accessible in your SDSU WebPortal account under the Admission Status menu option. You will need to refer to your transcripts when filling out the supplemental application. Be prepared in advance by collecting copies of all college transcripts with fall 2017 grades and any in-progress or planned courses for spring 2018.

The deadline to complete your SDSU Transfer Supplemental Application will be January 22, 2018. No changes can be made to the Supplemental Application after that time.

Later this fall, we will publish a tutorial to assist you in completing the supplemental application. If you have further questions, contact an admissions counselor.