Office of Advising and Evaluations

Step 8: Register for Classes

On the previous page, you learned how to plan your classes by using the "plan" function in the SDSU WebPortal. Next, once your registration time* occurs, follow these registration instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your RedID and password and click Submit.
  3. Click My Registration.
  4. Select your registration period. This screen shows the required courses that you may have to enroll in. You must add these courses before you can add any other courses.
  5. Select Add a Class.
  6. Search for classes by selecting Search, Browse by Course Subject, Browse by Department, Browse by College, or Browse by General Education.

    Once you have selected one of these ways to search for classes, a new screen appears that enables you to add the class. Before you add the class, be sure to read the footnotes next to the course name and number.
  7. Search for a course section with open seats and add a class by clicking Add (under Action on the right). If a course section has reached capacity, you will see the option to click Wait and be added to the course section’s wait list. For more information on the wait list, visit
  8. Once you’ve added and/or waitlisted your classes, view your schedule by selecting My Classes (under My Schedule on the left).
  9. If you need to remove a class:
    • Select My Classes to view the classes you’ve chosen.
    • Find the class that you want to remove.
    • In the Action column, select Remove (for classes that aren’t required) or Substitute (for required classes). The Substitute action allows you to choose a different required class (from the same area) before you officially drop the class you want to remove.
  10. Manage your class schedule and wait list on the SDSU WebPortal throughout the entire schedule adjustment period. Keep in mind the following:
    • Remove classes on your wait list that you no longer want to avoid being automatically enrolled in these classes.
    • Try to avoid adding classes on your wait list that contain a time conflict.
    • Verify your class schedule by the schedule adjustment deadline.

* If you are attending New Student Orientation, you will register that day for fall classes. Otherwise, be sure to check "My Registration" in the SDSU WebPortal for your automatically assigned date and time.


This Freshman Advising Toolbox helps you understand registration, but we realize you may still need in-person advice to confirm you're on the right path. If so, please call or see an adviser in the Academic Advising Center before the schedule adjustment deadline. Each semester has one schedule adjustment deadline:

  • The last day for schedule adjustment for fall or spring classes is the 10th day of the semester.

The Academic Advising Center is busiest during registration periods and the first weeks of classes.