College Avenue Compact

The Road to College

Elementary School
  • Learn about college by attending “I’m Going to College” classroom lessons and parent workshops about college preparation.
  • Visit SDSU.
Middle School
  • Attend “College: Making It Happen” presentations with parents to learn about college requirements, college systems, and financial aid.
  • Visit SDSU.

Grade 8
  • Create personalized four-year graduation plan with school counselors.
High School
  • Work with College Avenue Compact advisors and students from SDSU/SDCC to maintain university eligibility and address the “a-g” course requirements, GPA, and areas of need.
  • Visit SDSU and SDCC.
  • Parents: Attend workshops to review university requirements, deadlines, and financial aid.

Grade 9
  • Attend the College Avenue Compact introductory assembly to learn about program requirements and how to plan for college.

Grade 10
  • Focus on passing the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).

Grade 11
  • Take the CST Augmented Test and SAT/ACT exams during the spring semester.
  • Attend the College Avenue Compact assembly to recognize 11th grade students who have maintained eligibility.

Grade 12
  • Apply to SDSU October 1–November 30 of your senior year.
  • Sign up for community college placement tests in the fall of your senior year.
  • Apply for financial aid using the FAFSA in January of senior year.
  • Work with school counselors to apply for scholarships.