Explore SDSU Participate in 2015 - Saturday, March 14, 2015

Student Organization Participation Request Form

Deadline: December 4, 2015

  • This form is to be used by Recognized Student Organizations (RSO) requesting to be in the Student Organization Village. RSO's are those recognized by the Office of Student Life & Leadership for 2015-16.
  • Student organizations that are affiliated with an SDSU college (academic/major related) must register with the Village Lead assigned to the college.
  • For security, safety, and logistic reasons, all requests for Explore SDSU participation must be submitted online.
  • Participation requests are due December 4, 2015. After this date, the online form will be removed and requests will no longer be accepted. Each request will be reviewed and approved by designated area coordinators from each division and the
    Explore SDSU committee.
  • Time and location information will be confirmed and distributed to the requester and designated area coordinator by mid-February.

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