Advising and Evaluations, International Freshman Registration Guide

Step 1: Log in to Your SDSU WebPortal

Paying your tuition and fees, creating a class schedule, and registering for classes are completed through your SDSU WebPortal. To access the SDSU WebPortal, go to and enter your RedID number and password and click Log In.

SDSU WebPortal page with an arrow pointing to the Log In button

SDSU Account Authentication screen.

When you have successfully logged into the SDSU WebPortal, a welcome page appears. Select the Undergrad tab in the upper left. Then click the My Registration link in the menu on the left. Your registration date and time and your fee payment deadlines for fall 2017 are provided in the top right corner of this page. Your basic tuition and fees must be paid before your assigned registration date and time.

WebPortal welcome screen

The My Registration screen displays the contact information that SDSU has on file for you, fee payment information, pending holds, required courses, your class schedule and your wait list.

It is important to pay close attention to any pending holds that are listed in the red box beneath your contact and fee payment information. You will not be able to register for courses until all of your pending holds are cleared. If you have questions about how to clear your holds, visit the Contact Us page to determine who to contact.

Beneath the red box, the Required Courses box will display any courses that you must register in before adding any other courses. These courses may include remediation courses or the four fundamental General Education courses that are required during your first year. For more information, visit the Course Registration Restrictions page.

My Registration Information WebPortal page.