Advising and Evaluations, International Freshman Registration Guide

Step 5: Plan Your Schedule

You are considered to be a full-time student if you enroll in a minimum of 12 units per semester. However, we recommend that you enroll in 15 units per semester to stay on track to complete your degree in four years. Courses in Extended Studies or Open University do not count toward full-time status.

My Planner is a registration tool in the SDSU WebPortal that allows you to view available classes and create a list of courses you may want to take. Creating a plan is a great tool for selecting a list of desired courses after viewing MyMap. Adding classes to your planner DOES NOT mean you are enrolled in these courses. Once your registration date and time has begun, you will be able to register for courses by clicking on Add directly from your planner. Your planner can be created before and during your registration date and time.

It is now time to create a list of courses in your planner. Using the information you learned from MyMap, you can search for desired courses. On the left-hand side of your SDSU WebPortal, there are the different search options. You may search for classes by selecting Search, Browse by Department, Browse by College, or Browse by General Education.

For example, select Browse by Department, select the S text box, and then select the Sociology link. All of the courses offered by the sociology department for the semester will appear.

Class Schedule, Main Campus, Fall 2017 Search for a class page.
Search Results: Main Campus, Fall 2017 page.

The number of units for each class, course titles, footnotes for prerequisites and information you may need to know about the class, section number, and the five-digit schedule number appear. On the right-hand side, the number of available seats appear. Once you see a course you want to take, click on Plan to have the class added to your planner.

To view your planner, select My Planner under My Registration Info in your SDSU WebPortal. The list of courses in your planner will display.

When you are ready to enroll in a class from your planner and your registration date has occurred, follow the procedures to add a class in Step 6.