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Veterans, Active Duty Military and Military Spouses

San Diego State University values its veterans, active duty military and dependent students. We will do everything in our means to assist you as you embark on an exciting academic career with us.

Who is a Transfer Student?

If you have taken any college-level classes since the summer beyond your high school graduation, you are considered a transfer student.

SDSU accepts fall 2016 transfer applications only from upper-division transfer or readmission applicants who will have completed 60 or more transferable units by the end of spring 2016. SDSU does not accept transfer applications from lower-division students with fewer than 60 transferable semester units with the exception of military admission programs described below.

San Diego State University is not accepting applications for a second bachelor's degree except in Nursing.

Spring 2017 Admission

Spring 2017 appeals will be considered for military-affiliated students (active duty, veterans and military dependents).

Prospective students MUST be transfer eligible and MUST meet:

60 transferable semester hours (before JST) by the end of the fall 2016 semester
The Golden 4 requirements (with a C- or better) by the end of the summer 2016 term
Have the CUM GPA for the major you are applying to and maintain it through the end of the fall 2016 semester
Additionally, the prospective student MUST have a compelling reason for missing the fall 2016 November 30, 2015 application deadline.

No appeals will be considered in the following majors: Athletic Training, Dance, English – Applied (ADT option), Kinesiology – Exercise Generalist (ADT option), Liberal Studies – Education Generalist (ADT option), Music, Nursing, Psychology – Applied (ADT option), Social Work and Theatre Arts – Performance Acting and Musical Theatre option. Acceptance of the appeal is based on the major you desire to pursue; therefore changing of majors will NOT be permitted.

The appeal process will be open from August 1 to September 30. If you meet the above criteria, please contact Holly Shaffner at (619) 594-0834 or via email at

Fall 2017 Admission

Admission for upper division transfer students: The application period for the fall 2017 semester is between October 1 and November 30, 2016, on the CSUMentor website (note that you are applying to SDSU almost one year in advance of attendance). If you are active duty or a veteran and an upper division transfer student, you will receive additional consideration for admission. Subject to change, and at a minimum, you must meet the following criteria:

60 Units: Complete a minimum of 60 transferable semester units by the end of spring 2017. Transferable units are defined as course units that are applicable to a baccalaureate degree.
General Education: Complete a certified package of General Education courses, with a "C" grade or higher in each of the "Golden Four" GE courses by the end of spring 2017: oral communication, written communication/composition, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning (math above the level of college intermediate algebra).
Major Preparation: To have the highest admission priority, veterans and military applicants should have completed all major preparation courses by the end of spring 2017. For more information visit Transfer Admission Planner or
Grade Point Average: Meet and maintain the cumulative GPA required for your major. Your GPA is based on all transferable units attempted.
Prior SDSU Coursework: If applicable, maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA for any SDSU Regular Session, Special Session, Open University or Cross Enrollment coursework. This is in addition to the cumulative GPA listed above.
Applying for the fall 2017 semester: SDSU will accept applications from October 1 through November 30, 2016, on the CSUMentor website.

Late Application or Appeals: SDSU will accept late applications or appeals from active duty personnel, military spouses and veterans for fall 2017 after the application deadline if you meet the above criteria. SDSU will not accept late applications or appeals from majors in Athletic Training, Dance, English-Applied (ADT option), Kinesiology- Exercise Science Generalist (ADT option), Liberal Studies-Education-Generalist (ADT option), Music, Nursing, Psychology-Applied (ADT option), Social Work and Theatre Arts-Performance Acting and Musical Theatre option.

Points of contact: For more information regarding the application, admission, and services for active duty military, military spouses, and veterans, contact Holly Shaffner at or (619) 594-0834.

SDSU President's Military Admission Program

SDSU provides direct admission opportunities for highly qualified active duty military that will soon separate from the service. This program is for undergraduate admission only and for both the fall and spring semesters (note: majors in Athletic Training, Television, Film and New Media-Production, Nursing, Music, Dance, and Theater Arts-Performance and Theatre-Design and Technology majors are not eligible for this program for spring admission).

For eligibility and application information:

Marine Corps:
Navy (for sailors assigned within Naval Installations, Southwest): Jim Jones, Navy College, Naval Station San Diego at or (619) 556-4923.
Coast Guard (for Coast Guard personnel assigned within San Diego Sector): Mr. James Sampson, Education Office, Coast Guard Station Harbor Drive at

Wounded Warrior Admission Program

Wounded Warriors of any branch of service assigned within commands of Navy Medicine West may be eligible for direct admission to SDSU under this program. Two slots are available each academic year. For more information contact Holly Shaffner at

Other Admission Information

Freshmen applicants with no transferable college units: Admission is extremely competitive for first-time freshman (no transferable college units) applicants. Freshman applicants must complete a 15-unit comprehensive pattern of college preparatory courses in high school, must have a competitive high school GPA and competitive SAT and/or ACT test scores to be eligible for admission. For more information on first-time freshman admission requirements, go to:

Lower-Division applicants: If you have few (below 60) college transferable units (do not count military or JST units), we encourage you to attend a California community college to become eligible to apply to SDSU as an upper division transfer student in a future term. Counselors at any community college can assist you with an academic plan of General Education (GE) and major preparation courses.

Associate Degree for Transfer

Admission priority is given to California community college students who complete an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree transfer program (AA-T/AS-T) degrees. See a list of approved AA-T/AS-T degrees. Associate Degree for Transfer applicants must meet within .1 of the grade point average (GPA) required by the major to which they are applying and follow all required enrollment steps within the deadlines.

Enlisted to Officer Commissioning Program

Military service members applying for STA-21 (Navy), MECEP (Marine Corps), or Green to Gold (Army) programs and who are interested in applying to SDSU should contact Myda Clark, Office of Admissions, for application processing information at

For other questions regarding military or veterans admission and services at SDSU, contact Holly Shaffner, Military Liaison Officer, at or (619) 594-0834

Military Transcripts

Refer to the Academic Credit page under the Prospective Students > Getting In section of this website.

Other local university contacts

University of California, San Diego: Timothy Borch (858) 822-0348 or
California State University (CSU) San Marcos: Vicki Hernandez (760) 750-4808 or
University of San Diego (USD): Derek Abbey (619) 260-5945 or

Other resources

SDSU Transfer Admission Planner (TAP): Determine SDSU course requirements in general education (GE) and your major, and determine potential equivalent or transferable courses from other colleges, universities or out-of-state institutions
ASSIST: Determine transferable classes in GE and your major if you have attended or are attending a California community college
California Virtual College: Determine available online courses from a clearinghouse of California community colleges
California Community Colleges