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Veterans Educational Benefits


The Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center offers assistance with applying for education benefits. The following educational benefits are available to veterans and dependents at SDSU:

  • Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®)
  • Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill®- Transfer of Entitlement)
  • Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill® - Active Duty)
  • Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation)
  • Chapter 1606 (Montgomery GI Bill® - Reservists)
  • Chapter 1607 (Montgomery GI Bill® - Reserve Educational Assistance Program)
  • Chapter 35 (Dependents Educational Assistance)
  • California Veterans Fee Waiver Program (Dependents of Veterans with a Service-Connected Disability)

Service members, veterans and dependents who want to use their federal VA educational benefits while enrolled at SDSU must submit a Student Responsibility Agreement each term of enrollment. Students receiving only the California Veterans Fee Waiver Program are NOT required to fill out the form. Please follow these steps:

  1. Register for classes.
  2. Complete the Student Responsibility Agreement, which can be completed electronically.
  3. After responding to each category, PRINT the agreement.
  4. SIGN the document.
  5. New and/or transfer (first semester at SDSU), as well as those who have changed their major, must submit a copy of VA Form 22-1995.
  6. DELIVER to the Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center, along with any supporting information.

New students utilizing Ch. 33, must provide a copy of their Certificate of Eligibility. Please note that in order for a student to use their benefits while attending SDSU, the student must be a regularly matriculated student and all classes taken must be required for the educational objective selected. Graduate level students must provide an approved degree plan from their department advisor. That form (the Graduate Student Worksheet) can be found here.

Cal-Vet Fee Waiver Program FAQs

What is it?

A California state program that waives all system-wide mandatory fees for eligible dependents of veterans that have a service-connected disability. At SDSU, it waives the CSU Application Fee and the State University Fee, which is part of basic tuition and fees each semester.

Who can use it?

Dependents of service-connected disabled veterans may be eligible for this benefit. Income may be used to determine eligibility of children. If income is a factor for eligibility, the income from the previous year is considered for the academic year of application. Eligibility must be determined every year. To determine eligibility contact the San Diego County Veteran Service Office at (619) 531-4545.

How does it work?

Apply for eligibility at any County Veteran Service Office throughout the state. After you have received your eligibility letter, bring the letter to the Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center.

When does it work?

The application must be processed before or during the academic year in which the student seeks eligibility. The academic year at SDSU begins with the summer term and continues through the following spring semester. The deadline to receive notification of eligibility is the last day of the fiscal year, June 30. There is no retro-active eligibility after this deadline.

Which fees are not waived?

Students are responsible for the campus fees, course fees, and all other costs of their education. Any per-unit fee charged by the Office of Regional and Continuing Education for enrollment and non-resident tuition are not waived. Additionally, SDSU College of Extended Studies fees are not waived.

What if I already paid fees?

Students may request a refund of applicable fees by contacting SDSU Student Account Services.

Can I use the fee waiver at other schools?

This program can be used at any California state school: community colleges, CSUs, and UCs. Since fee structures vary between systems and may even differ between institutions within the same system, please contact the school in question.

For more information, visit the California Department of Veterans Affairs Web site or call 1 (800) 952-5626.

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