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Details About the Use of Federal VA Education Benefits

The following conditions to the usage of federal VA education benefits apply:

Students wishing to utilize federal VA education benefits (i.e. GI Bill) must notify the Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center each semester. Students are further reminded that they may qualify for and use other forms of financial aid in addition to or in place of VA education benefits. The decision to use financial aid is an important one and students are highly encouraged to visit the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information.

All classes must be required for the degree objective and must not have previously been successfully completed. Refer to your degree evaluation, graduate program of study, graduate student worksheet, SDSU Advising Center, and/or your department advisor to ensure all classes are applicable towards your objective. Deviations from the required classes must be approved by an appropriate individual authorized to make substitutions (i.e. department advisor, department chair, dean, etc.).

Federal law requires any changes in enrollment status that may affect VA education benefits be reported. Any changes to your class schedule (i.e. adds/drops) may have an impact on your VA education benefits. If you change your schedule, notify the Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center as soon as possible to avoid possible retroactive loss of benefits. Unauthorized withdrawal from courses may result in retroactive loss of benefits and a potential debt to the VA and/or university.

Students placed on academic probation may continue to utilize VA education benefits for not more than two semesters. If the academic probation is carried into a third semester, the student will not be certified for VA benefits. Students that are on or facing academic probation should contact the Barron Veterans Center for possible resources to improve their academic progress.

If you change your major, you must provide the Barron Veterans Center with a signed copy of VA Form 22-1995 (VA Form 22-5495 for Ch. 35). If you add a second major or more than one minor, you will need to provide the Barron Veterans Center with a copy of your degree evaluation obtained from the Office of Advising and Evaluations. Request this early as it can take several weeks to a few months for it to be generated.

If you are not rated at 100% under Chapter 33 (Post-9/11 GI Bill), your portion of the tuition and fees must be paid by the Add/Drop Deadline each semester. If you pay tuition and fees that are then covered by the GI Bill, your refund will be processed in accordance with SDSU policy and will be refunded after payment is received by the University from the VA.

To avoid possible overpayment by the VA and additional unexpected costs to the student, all federal VA education benefit users (especially Post 9/11 GI Bill [Ch. 33]) are encouraged to keep track of their remaining entitlement. This information is sent each semester to the student by the VA and can be obtained from eBenefits or by calling (888) 442-4551. The Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center is NOT an office of the VA and does NOT have visibility on remaining entitlement.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill will pay in-state tuition (up to the percentage at which the student is rated), provide a book stipend of approximately $42 per unit (maximum of $1,000 stipend per academic year), and provide a housing stipend based on the SDSU zip code and calculated at the E-5 with Dependents rate established by the Department of Defense.

Federal law requires the VA to be the "last payer" for tuition and fees. Ch. 33 and Fry Scholarship benefit users will have financial aid (i.e. grants, loans, scholarships, etc.) specifically awarded for tuition and fees applied first towards their tuition and fee balance with the University. The VA will pay the difference up to the percentage at which the student is rated. The Barron Veterans Center will report tuition to the VA at the beginning of the semester as $0.00 in order to allow applicable housing and book stipends to be paid without delay due to factoring out applicable financial aid. The final tuition amount will be reported to the VA later in the semester for payment to SDSU. Students may receive occasional notifications from the school that their tuition has not been paid. These can generally be disregarded provided the student has been certified to the VA and is rated at 100% under the Post 9/11 GI Bill. For questions, students should contact the Joan and Art Barron Veterans Center staff.

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