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Best Practices

  1. Before your registration date, plan your class schedule using the My Planner tool within the My Registration application on the SDSU WebPortal. Take care of the following:
    • Clear any holds and pay registration fees prior to your registration date and time.
    • Make necessary adjustments on your My Planner based on course availability changes up until your registration date and time.
    • If you are attempting a non-repeatable course for the third time, you must submit a petition for approval at the Office of Advising & Evaluations (SSW 1551).
    • If you plan on taking a course(s) requiring department approval (for example, Special Study), start the process early to assure yourself a spot (check the course schedule to verify course requirements).
  2. Register for open course sections before waiting for any course sections. The wait list does not guarantee enrollment in a course section.
  3. Once the first day of classes begins, communicate with instructors to see if they will be enrolling students from the wait list. Keep in mind the following:
    • Be aware instructors may not be able to enroll students from the wait list due to classroom space.
    • Through the fifth day of classes, when students drop from a class, students on the wait list will be automatically enrolled in the class based on their ranking order.
    • After the fifth day of classes, only faculty can enroll students from the class wait list up until the add/drop deadline.
  4. Manage your wait list and class schedule on the SDSU WebPortal throughout the entire schedule adjustment period. Keep in mind the following:
    • Remove classes on your wait list that you no longer want to avoid being automatically enrolled in these classes.
    • Try to avoid adding classes on your wait list that contain a time conflict with classes on your schedule (see the FAQ page for more information regarding time conflicts and the wait list).
    • Verify your class schedule by the schedule adjustment deadline. Again, remove all classes on your wait list if you no longer want the chance to be enrolled in those classes before the end of the schedule adjustment deadline.