Step 3—Submit Official Transcripts

Graduate applicants are required to submit official transcripts in sealed envelopes (issued by the school) from all post-secondary schools attended. Do not send transcripts before submitting the Cal State Apply application as this may result in processing delays.


  1. U.S. Postsecondary Institutions
    • Official transcripts must have been issued within the last year. Transcript received with print dates older than one year will not be accepted.
    • If you previously attended SDSU, you need only submit transcripts for work completed since last attendance. If you are a current SDSU student you are not required to submit an SDSU transcript.
    • Electronic transcripts are acceptable. Please ensure that you indicate this preference when making your request. If you are required to provide an email address to send the secure online document to SDSU, please use
  2. International Institutions
    • If you have international coursework, you must have your school send one official original-language record of all academic coursework and proof of degree also in the original-language.
    • For each original-language document you must also send a certified literal English translation, which can come directly from the school itself or from a professional, certified translator. The translation must contain all information shown on the original-language documents.
    • For details on which documents are required, visit the Requirements by Country page. Failure to submit the exact country-specific documents listed may result in your application being canceled

Transcripts Deadline

The deadline to submit official transcripts will be indicated in your SDSU WebPortal account under "Admission Status". Official documents should be submitted to:

Graduate Admissions
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-7416