For those students who choose to major in literature and writing, SDSU offers a number of programs. Students may major in English for the single subject teaching credential, which can lead into a high school teaching career. Students may also major in English for the liberal arts degree. This program will ready students for graduate study in English, or prepare them for the many careers that require skills in critical thinking and writing. For those students who are interested in the literature of various cultures around the world, SDSU offers the comparative literature degree program.

In addition, the English Department offers the certificate in children's literature to graduate students. This program requires students to complete six courses beyond the curriculum for their major, selected in consultation with an adviser. It has been designed for teachers, librarians, parents, or anyone interested in exploring the quality and nature of literature for children.

Program Overview

Literature is explored both from the broad view of different cultures, genres, and periods, and through a more focused study in a particular area. All students must take courses in Shakespeare, British literature before 1800, British literature after 1800, American literature, comparative literature, and upper-division or advanced writing. The English major also allows for several classes chosen by students as electives.

The Department of English also offers a single subject teaching major that prepares students to apply to the teaching credential program, a year-long program following the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Special Features

  • For students unable to pursue their degrees during the university's daytime program, the English department offers a variety of evening courses.
  • The Living Writers Series, sponsored by the English Department, offers students the opportunity to see and hear locally and nationally known writers read from their works.
  • The Pacific Poetry and Fiction Review, a department-sponsored journal, regularly accepts work produced by students in the department.
  • In addition to Pacific Review, other department sponsored journals include Fiction International, Poety International, Recovering Literature and Nineteenth Century Prose.
  • Independent studies courses offer students the opportunity to formulate topics for special investigation and analysis.
  • Many special topic classes that supplement the courses in the standard curriculum are offered.
  • The department provides an unusual number of Children's Literature courses; more information can be found at The Children's Literature Program Web site.
  • Study abroad is available.

Career Opportunities

The single subject English major leads to a career in teaching at the high school level, while the standard major prepares students for graduate studies in writing and literature. The skills acquired through a major in English (critical thinking and writing and cultural appreciation) are also valuable training for careers in law, medicine, business and federal service. It may also prepare students for employment opportunities in the fields of radio/television broadcasting, editing, writing, politics, film, library work, journalism, criticism, advertising, public information, public relations, and technical writing.

To further explore career options in this field, visit the Career Services Web site for more information.

General Catalog

You can view more complete information regarding the English program in the General Catalog. All students are responsible for reading and knowing the information pertinent to their areas of study available in the General Catalog. It contains requirements for all academic majors, course descriptions, policies, and regulations governing progress at the university. Catalogs are distributed at all New Student Orientation programs. To order a General Catalog, call (619) 594-7535.