Student Life

SDSU's urban, cosmopolitan campus reflects the healthy diversity of our region and the world beyond. Students from more than 90 nations and 47 states contribute to SDSU's dynamic mix of ethnic, racial and social backgrounds.

Whether you want to play a sport, join one of more than 200 clubs and organizations, lead a community service project, live on campus, write for the student newspaper, or work on the campus radio station, you'll find that the opportunities for involvement are endless.

Student Life Highlights

  • Performances by world-renowned musicians and performers in the Open Air Theatre and Viejas Arena
  • Three major performance halls for theatre, dance and music
  • Starbucks coffeehouse talent series featuring local performers and SDSU students
  • Celebrity lectures from prominent speakers such as Sandra Cisneros, Adrienne Rich and Maya Angelou
  • Three campus art galleries exhibiting student and faculty work
  • Free sneak previews of popular films prior to the release date in theatres
  • SDSU student film festivals
  • Homecoming week student organization contests and pep rally
  • Aztec Adventures outdoor trips to many of the region's most scenic places
  • World-class museums and attractions throughout San Diego with frequent art and cultural events

Involvement Opportunities

  • Associated Students. As SDSU’s independent, student-run government, Associated Students (A.S.) provides a wide variety of services and programs on campus. A.S. represents students’ interests and oversees the many services offered at SDSU, such as concerts, child care and recreation programs.
  • Clubs and Organizations. With more than 200 clubs and organizations on campus, there is literally something for everyone. Clubs are organized around a variety of themes: academic, cultural, political, religious, residential, service, and social action.
  • Community Service. SDSU students participate in a variety of volunteer and community service projects each year. Opportunities include service through academic programs, student clubs and organizations, Greek Life, and alternative spring break programs (where students provide service to communities in need in the U.S. or abroad during their spring break).
  • Fraternities and Sororities. SDSU is home to approximately 40 Greek-letter social organizations, plus many culturally-based groups. Fraternities and sororities offer opportunities for life-long friendships, social activities, community service projects, academic assistance, and development of leadership skills.
  • Honor Societies. Students with superior scholastic ability have the opportunity to join any of the 5 university-wide and 23 discipline-specific honor societies. Honor societies represent the heritage of academic excellence within higher education, and they symbolize SDSU’s proud commitment to that tradition.
  • Leadership Programs. Student leadership programs include the Freshman Leadership Connection, the Leadership Certificate Program, a leadership class for credit, student awards, and various other personal growth events and activities.