Fall 2018 Transfer Admission:
General Education

You must complete your lower-division General Education (GE) coursework by the end of spring 2018 by following one of three GE patterns:

  • GE Certification: Students transferring from a California community college can complete the CSU GE certification pattern to satisfy all lower division GE requirements.
  • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC): The IGETC is a series of courses that California community college students can use to satisfy lower division GE requirements for any CSU or UC campus.
  • SDSU General Education Pattern: This option is commonly used by students majoring in Engineering, Liberal Studies and Nursing, and all students outside of the California community college system. See the SDSU General Catalog for details.

Golden Four

Be aware that a grade of C- or higher is required in each of the following GE "Golden Four" courses:

  • Oral Communication: Basic public speaking course. Other communication courses that are certified by a California community college will be accepted.
  • Written Communication: Typically a freshman composition course that emphasizes essay writing or reading and writing concurrently.
  • Critical Thinking: Typically your second semester composition or writing course, or a course in reasoning and effective argumentative writing.
  • Mathematics: This course must be beyond intermediate algebra.

Online Resources

Use the following online systems to show how transfer course credits can be used to meet SDSU General Education and major preparation course requirements.

  • The Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) includes course equivalency information for colleges and universities throughout the United States. You can also use TAP to identify any specific grade requirements for individual courses or combination of courses. TAP is updated annually to reflect the most current SDSU General Catalog information.
  • The ASSIST website is the official repository of articulation for California’s public colleges and universities.