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Academic Credit

Military Credit Practices and Information

Non-Traditional Credit/Transcripts

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Military Credit Practices and Information

SDSU students must submit one of the following to receive military credit:

• Official Joint Services Transcript (JST)
• DD-214

ACE Credit Recommendations

Unit recommendations for service branches are made by the American Council on Education’s Commission on Education Credit and Credentials (ACE Guide).

SDSU awards credit for military education, MOS Rankings (Military Occupational Specialties) and Military Experience with ACE recommended baccalaureate/associate or graduate degree category units. SDSU awards lower and/or upper division units as specified in the ACE credit recommendations. SDSU does not award credit for any vocational, technical or certificate degree category units.

Military basic training credit is awarded for the initial basic training completed when the individual entered the military branch. Basic training credit is contingent upon the completion of the required number of weeks of training. A DD-214 does not constitute credit; length of credit does.

Credit for basic training for each branch of service is determined by their military entrance date, and is awarded as follows:

Air Force

1/1976 – Present*
4 units



4 units
4 units
5 units
6 units

Coast Guard

4 units
4 units
6 units
7 units


8 units
4 units (women)
4 units
8 units
9 units


4 units
3 units
2 units

*Credit for basic training can be awarded from the DD-214 or the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcript. SDSU only uses CCAF transcript to make a determination of credit awards for military education. Units are included in the 70 unit maximum allowed from community colleges.

SDSU does not allow duplicate credit for military education if the same course is completed more than one time.

Coast Guard Institute -- SDSU awards Military Training and Experiential Learning Credit with ACE recommended baccalaureate/associate or graduate degree category units.

Approved Military Education Credit

Dr. Bonnie M. Anderson has approved military education credit with ACE credit recommendations in the lower division baccalaureate degree category to fulfill the following select areas of the SDSU General Education pattern:

• GE Oral Communication – 3 semester hours in oral communication, public speaking, speech, interpersonal communication must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
• GE Physical Science – 3 semester hours in solid physical science such as physics, chemistry, etc. must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
• GE Life Science – 3 semester hours in solid life science such as biology, anatomy, physiology, etc. must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
• GE Natural Science Lab – appropriate physical or life science lab must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
• GE Social Behavioral Science – 3 semester hours in appropriate social behavioral science course such as economics, psychology, sociology, etc. must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
• GE Humanities – 3 semester hours in appropriate humanities course such as jazz theory must be specifically listed as part of the ACE Guide recommendation
• GE Area E - Basic Training credit based on branch of service and military entrance date

Once students have registered for classes at SDSU they can request the following, if applicable:

• Petition the Office of Advising & Evaluations for additional GE consideration.
• Petition for departmental approval to use military credit to fulfill Major or Minor requirements.
• Petition for units for active military service, such as commission credits.

Joint Services Transcript (JST)

Joint Services Transcript (JST) is part of an automated transcript system that combines Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard detailed personal service member data, military course completions with descriptions, military experience and other learning experiences. The transcript includes college credit recommendations for ACE Guide completed evaluations. The transcript also includes college-level test score data for exams such as CLEP, DSST, DLPT and Excelsior/Regents credit. SDSU will award credit based on our established guidelines for CLEP, DSST, DLPT and Excelsior/Regents credit when these exams are listed on an official “Institutional Copy” of a JST transcript. They are available for all Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy Active Duty, Reserve and Veterans.

Additional information regarding the Joint Services Transcript (JST) can be found below:

Currently active service members or those who have a Common Access Card (CAC) and were prior enlisted can order a JST transcript through the JST system website. For those who are not active duty or do not have a Common Access Card (CAC), you must register for a JST account. Additional information and instructions can be found on the JST system website.

Non-Traditional Credit/Transcripts

BOOST (Broadened Opportunity for Officer Selection and Training)

Naval Education and Training Center, Newport Rhode Island
Students must submit an official BOOST transcript to receive military credit for BOOST units. Military credit is awarded based on completed tracks and course numbers listed on the transcript and referenced to course numbers within the NV-0400-0001 course description of the ACE Guide. SDSU requires the official BOOST transcript for credit awards.

CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

SDSU requires an official transcript or posting on a Joint Services Transcript (JST) to award credit for approved CLEP exams. In 2008, a subsidiary of Educational Testing Services (ETS) called PROMETRIC began issuing official transcripts for CLEP. SDSU allows no more than 30 units of credit earned through examination. A complete list of recognized CLEP Subject and General Examination Credit is listed in the SDSU General Catalog.

DSST Program tests by PROMETRIC

SDSU will award up to 24 units of DSST exam credit based on ACE Guide credit recommendations in effect at the time the exam was completed. SDSU awards lower division and upper division credit consistent with ACE Guide lower or upper division baccalaureate credit recommendations. Students must petition the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies for GE credit and receive departmental approval to use DSST exam credit to satisfy major or minor requirements for graduation. See the complete list of DSST exams and ACE Guide credit recommendations.

Defense Information School

SDSU does not grant credit for course work completed at Defense Information School. The school is accredited by the Accrediting Commission on Occupational Education and has ACE Guide recommendations, but it is more occupational in nature, not academic.

Defense Language Institute

SDSU will recognize baccalaureate credit listed on an official Defense Language Institute transcript. These units apply toward the 70 unit maximum rule for community colleges.

Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)

DLPT credit could be listed on a Joint Services Transcript (JST) or possibly Defense Language Institute transcript. If DLPT exam credit and the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, CA both appear on a Joint Services Transcript (JST), SDSU requires the Defense Language Institute transcript to determine credit awards.

There are 33 different languages encompassed by the DLPTs. As of August 2007, there are 23 languages covered by the DLPT IV and 17 languages available as DLPT5. Units awarded for DLPT are included in the 30 unit max limit for credit by examination. Lower and upper division credit is awarded based on ACE Guide Recommendations in effect at the time the exam was completed.

• DLPT III and IV ACE credit recommendations are determined by the test scores (specifically “converted scores”) achieved on listening, reading and speaking tests as well as the difficulty of the language concerned. Languages are categorized from I (easiest) to IV (hardest), based on the difficulty of native speakers of American English may have in learning a foreign language.
• DLPT5 ACE credit recommendations are reported according to the ILR Proficiency Level Descriptors (0, 0+, 1, 1+, 2, 2+, 3, 3+, and 4).

Students must petition the Office of Advising & Evaluations for General Education credit. Students must petition and receive departmental approval to use DLPT credit to clear major and minor requirements.

Platoon Leaders Class

SDSU will award units consistent with ACE Guide baccalaureate/associate degree category credit recommendations.

Seaman to Admiral 21ST Century-Naval Science Institute

As of 2007, SDSU will award ACE Guide credit recommendations in the baccalaureate/associate degree category.