How it Works
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How it Works

No More Crashing

Add codes have been replaced with the Wait List. Students can enroll in any open seats through the fifth day* of classes. No add codes and no crashing required.

*The fifth-day rule applies to fall and spring semesters only. The timeline is different for summer session.

Manage Your Wait List, Not Your Add Codes

Since the Wait List is automated, students and faculty must actively monitor and manage their wait lists inside the SDSU WebPortal. A student's ranking on a course section's wait list may change at any time depending on other students who are added or removed from the wait list or faculty adding seats to their course sections.

Faculty will no longer distribute add codes to individual students. Student information remains anonymous until after students are added to the course section.

For further information about class registration and managing your wait list courses, review the Wait List Tutorial.

Ranking Criteria

The Wait List ranking is calculated based on completion of prerequisties for the course, a student’s units earned, and if the student already is enrolled in a section for that class. The Wait List ranking is subject to change at any time throughout the registration and schedule adjustment period.

Registration Timelines


Registration Opens April 15, First day of class August 26, Auto Enroll ends August 30, Faculty drop deadline September 5, schedule adjustment Deadline September 9.
  • April 15: Registration Opens
  • April 15–August 30: Registration for open seats
  • April 15–September 9: Students join wait lists for course sections
  • April 15–August 30: Students are autoenrolled from the wait list
  • August 26: First Day of Classes
  • August 26–September 9: Faculty add seats from the wait list
  • August 30: Auto Enroll Ends
  • August 30–September 9: Faculty control adding seats
  • September 5: Faculty Drop Deadline
  • September 9, 7:59 p.m.: Schedule Adjustment Deadline