2. Pay Fees or Finalize Financial Aid

You must pay your summer basic tuition and fees by Friday, June 16 in order to attend the SDSU FAST program. The basic tuition and fees for six units is $1,967. Books, supplies and parking are additional costs.

Pay your fees online through your SDSU WebPortal account under "My Registration."

Financial Aid

Visit AidLink, SDSU's online financial aid information system, for instructions on receiving financial aid. If you qualify for summer financial aid, and if you enroll in at least six units, you will be able to use that aid to assist with summer basic tuition and fees. If your summer financial aid is not enough to cover the entire amount, you must pay the remaining charges to Student Account Services.

You should have already applied for financial aid by completing the 2017-18 Free Application for Federal Student Aid at Make sure you respond to all email inquiries from the SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships and regularly check your AidLink account.

Fee Postponement

You may be able to postpone paying your summer basic tuition and fees if you qualify for summer financial aid. To see if you qualify for a postponement, visit AidLink and review "Your Messages" in the 2017-18 information tab.