2. Get Your Computer Ready Ahead of Time

Taking courses online requires that you set up your computer with specific software and hardware, which will enable you to use the programs required by the course(s). By taking care of the steps listed below ahead of time, everything will be in place by the first day of classes and you will be ready to move forward with your class(es).

  1. Download necessary software:
    • Flash Player — Download the latest Flash Player now.
    • Quicktime Player — Download Quicktime Player now.
    • Microsoft Word — If you don't already own Microsoft Word, you can purchase Microsoft Office at the SDSU Bookstore for a reduced price.
  2. Watch the Zoom tutorial, and then check your system to see if it's ready to run Zoom. Note: You will need your SDSUid to log into Zoom. Follow these instructions to activate your SDSUid.
  3. Set up your email to allow for emails from Blackboard.
    • Make sure your email address in the SDSU WebPortal is correct. Note: If you use a non-SDSU email account, the Blackboard emails may be blocked or stored in your email's Junk folder. To prevent this from happening, we highly recommend you use an SDSU email address. You can obtain an SDSU email account by claiming your SDSUID at
  4. Set up and test speakers, headphones or earbuds.You will use one of these audio devices to listen to your professor and/or tutor. You do not need a device with a microphone that enables you to speak. You will communicate with the professor, tutor and/or other students by using chat and typing your questions and/or feedback.

See the Blackboard Student Support site if you have any questions or need additional information.