3. Fill Out City College Application

SDSU FAST online courses are offered in partnership with San Diego City College (SDCC). In order to receive credit for either your English or mathematics course, you must also submit an application and register at SDCC. There is no fee to apply and you will not pay registration fees to SDCC. However, to participate in the program, it is mandatory that you register at SDCC. Use the easy to follow instructions to help you complete the application.

To be officially enrolled in the class, you must complete a two-step process.

  1. Submit an online application to the San Diego Community College District in order to receive a College Student Identification (CSID) number. You must complete this step by June 16, 2017. For step-by-step instructions, review the Application Instructions PDF.

  2. Register in the class once you have received an add code from your instructor. If you do not officially enroll by the established deadline, you will not receive a grade for your participation at SDSU. In order to be prepared to fully participate on the first day of FAST on July 6, you should complete by July 1.

Note: If you have previously attended City, Mesa, or Miramar colleges, please contact Jeanie Tyler for assistance.

For help with the City College application and registration process, please contact:
Jeanie Tyler
Director, Off-Campus Programs
San Diego City College
(619) 388-3414

Elena Garduno
San Diego City College
(619) 388-3732