Fall 2014 International Freshman
Admission Criteria

San Diego State University accepts freshman applications each year between October 1 and May 1 for admission the following fall. International students who are attending a U.S. high school must apply by November 30.  SDSU does not offer spring admission.

Students applying to the Music and Dance and Performing Arts majors must apply by November 30 and an audition will be required.

Who is a Freshman?

You can apply to SDSU as a first-time freshman if you have:

  • Not yet graduated high school
  • Graduated high school, but not taken college courses since the summer after graduation

Note: As a first-time freshman, you are required to live in on-campus housing for your first year if you have graduated from a high school that is outside SDSU's local admission area.

San Diego State University accepts applications for second bachelor's degrees ONLY for the Nursing major.

Admission criteria

We consider freshman applications on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Completion of secondary school (high school). A certified copy of graduation certificate/diploma will be required prior to enrollment at SDSU.
  2. Grades: A minimum U.S. equivalent GPA (grade point average) of 3.0 (B grade or about 80%) or higher is required. SDSU will evaluate high school courses and grades based on official transcripts submitted.
  3. English Proficiency: Applicants who have attended a school where English was not the primary language of instruction must meet university-level competence in English through one of the following:
    1. TOEFL Score of 80 iBT/ 550 paper
    2. IELTS overall score of 6.5
    3. Successful completion of SDSU's American Language Institute's Level 106 course.
    4. Attended at least three years and graduated from a high school in the U.S. or a U.S. accredited overseas high school.
  4. SAT / ACT Tests: These tests are required of students who graduate from U.S. high schools or overseas U.S. accredited high schools.

*If you have earned ANY college or university credits (foreign or domestic), you are considered a transfer student and must meet the CSU transfer admission requirements. San Diego State University only accepts upper division transfer students, with a minimum of 60 semester units (90 quarter units) of CSU approved general education coursework.

*The major to which you apply: You must choose a major when you apply to SDSU. All majors are competitive, meaning every major has more applicants than available slots (the CSU calls this impaction). During admission we rank applicants within each major, rather than overall. The popularity of majors changes every year based on the applicant pool. Because admission is major-specific, you cannot change your major during the application process.