Social Science

The social science program is concerned with providing a broad understanding of the social, cultural and intellectual world in which we live. Social science majors have a diverse interest in human problems and seek a liberal education in a broad spectrum of understandings, insights, and appreciations. Multidisciplinary in nature, this major seeks to provide an understanding of the interrelationships and varied methodologies of its many subject areas.

Program Overview

The social science major at SDSU offers several programs with faculties and courses from a wide range of departments. Students may select the basic social science program in which classes may be taken from the following twelve areas: Africana studies, American Indian studies, anthropology, Chicana/Chicano Studies, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology, religious studies, sociology and women's studies. Students may also choose an emphasis in either Africa and the Middle East or in Environment. In both of these programs, courses appropriate to the area are selected from a variety of departments. Finally, students may also choose the social science program plan in preparation for the single subject teaching credential, which will lead directly toward a teaching career in the social sciences at the high school level.

The Social Science major in preparation for the Single Subject Teaching Credential is an impacted program. Find out more information regarding the impaction.

Special Features

Because of the multidisciplinary nature of the social science major, the distinctive features are as varied as the many disciplines that it encompasses. Many of the departments have honor societies, active student organizations that sponsor a variety of events, specific study projects, internship possibilities, a specialized library and other research facilities.

Career Opportunities

Social science graduates find positions in a wide variety of career settings, including government, marketing, management and high school teaching. For students who plan to continue in graduate study after receiving their bachelor's degrees, social science is a good preparatory curriculum for graduate professional programs in law, social work, public administration, librarianship, counseling, and business.

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General Catalog

You can view more complete information regarding the Social Science program in the General Catalog. All students are responsible for reading and knowing the information pertinent to their areas of study available in the General Catalog. It contains requirements for all academic majors, course descriptions, policies, and regulations governing progress at the university. Catalogs are distributed at all New Student Orientation programs. To order a General Catalog, call (619) 594-7535.